Catching up: US Coffee Champs & NEW COFFEES!

Somehow we are already a month and a half into the new year and have only just been able to catch our breath. Here's the news:


Isaiah places Top Six in Austin at The US Coffee Champs! This means he gets to move straight to the semifinals in Seattle in April.  Archetype is super stoked to rep the growing Omaha coffee scene on a national level. Stay tuned!

Top Six.jpg



The 2017 Spring lineup is finally in, and we are crazy excited to share these beautiful coffees with you.  Alongside the newest version of our staple espresso Home we are adding four stunners into the mix. They are currently making their test run on the retail shelf in the shop, and will be available on the site by the weekend.

The velvety Peru Agustin Ccasa Ccoyo is all milk chocolate and cashew butter, balanced with a little burst of clementine.

Rwanda Gatare is clean and full, with red apple, cola, and black tea notes.

We have yet another amazing Colombian this season from Nariño. Producer Amparo Paz has delivered a balanced, high scoring coffee that disguises itself as an easy going daily drinker.  So approachable with a mandarin orange acidity, dark brown sugars, and a huge creamy body.

Perhaps the most exciting coffee for us is not the loudest one. The Ecuador Rosa Encarnacion is another fine example of the beautifully complex coffees of Ecuador. Last year Isaiah competed with a coffee from grower Arnaud Causse, and this one from Rosa Encarnacion is in that same league. These coffees are special for so much more than their quality(which is top notch). For some real perspective on why this origin is so valued check out this great journal entry from one of our importers here.

Ecuador Rosa.jpg


The Rosa really is a coffee to experience.  The acidity is clean and blackberry-like, and for those of you that were lucky enough to taste the coffee flower honey we had in the shop last year this coffees aroma and sweetness will be very familiar. The finish leaves you with a softly sweet nuttiness like marzipan.

Really excited to share these new coffees with you! Stay tuned for more news.